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Hey my darlings!!!

I wrote it for those who don't know me completely yet and for those who have already seen me somewhere and would like to know more.
My stage name is Emma Scarlett, I come from Poland. I love anal, squirt, standing cocks (preferably two at a time in my ass), big anal toys, participate in group sex (orgies, gangbangs), I do not despise licking cocks (especially those taken out of my ass a moment ago), deepthroat , swallowing cumshots, taking cum on your body, licking pussies, footjobs, light dominance, being dominated, naked walks (in nature and in public), and I probably forgot something else...

Information for the uninitiated: I don't like classic vaginal sex, fingering and other interactions with my pussy... There is one exception, I like to play with my clitoris myself sometimes (and only my clitoris, I don't put anything in my pussy).


All in all, I'm purely anal-oral.




If the above information is not enough, you like to read or you are simply interested in my story, you can also bother with the text below :)


My adventure with exploring my sexuality began shortly after my eighteenth birthday. I totally didn't know what to expect from sex and what I enjoy. Contact with my first sexual partners allowed me to determine that anal is what I like the most. However, having sex with one partner was no longer enough for me. I decided to visit a few swingers clubs. In a short time, I visited almost all of them in Poland. I experienced many unforgettable moments there and fully discovered what excites me the most.
I discovered that I am most into group sex (preferably completely anal, of course), I like to play with men but I'm having fun with women as well, I really like the typical gangbang because my ass is always well fucked then :) and bukkake parties made me realize that I really love being covered in cum like a donut is covered in icing :)


After all this, in order to learn more about my preferences, I started going on holidays with my friends, for example to nude beaches.
Turns out I'm also a bit of a nudist (or perhaps an exhibitionist) and love spending time naked.
The next stage of development of this part of me were naked walks in public places, and that's how I found another of my passions.
Since walking in public made me extremely aroused, I decided to see if I would also be into showing myself naked online.
The consequence of this was the opening of my first account on the site zbiornik.com where I started to publish my naked materials. First upload photos and videos without faces and then I had no hesitation to show myself in full glory with face. Having this account was a fun adventure for me :) I started to understand that I also turn on the thought that someone probably masturbates to my materials (numerous comments and messages from viewers testified to this).


Finally, the time has come to make a serious life decision. I decided that since everything I do gives me so much pleasure, maybe let it become my profession. A profession that is done out of passion, not out of necessity. So the decision was made to become a porn actress and erotic model.
In order to achieve a new goal, I decided to choose an artistic pseudonym and set up accounts on PornHub, ManyVids and several other portals under that name and create even more materials :) I also got an offer from the Polish film studio XES.pl and there I began to fulfill myself as an actress.
Relatively recently I discovered my passion for live performances on webcams. At the moment I like ShowUp.tv.
I'm surprised how much emotion and motivation it gives me to put more and more toys inside myself :)
It's damn exciting that so many people can watch me give myself a huge dildo at the same time :)


As for the future, I don't know what it will bring me, but I would like my dreams to come true, both small and big ones :)
I have several... from putting bigger and bigger toys up my ass, to participating in productions of foreign studios, doing live shows at fairs and festivals, to starting my own film production company.
Keep your fingers crossed for me, maybe something will come true :)




Regards, your Emma Scarlett







Emma Scarlett